How to Be a Better Midfielder in 6-a-Side Football

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Over the last few months here at the Soccer Gods blog, we have been giving out invaluable hints and tips for making the most of your experience on the 6-a-side pitch, whatever position you’re in. We’ve covered goalkeeping, attack, and defence, which brings us to the last major role in the team: the midfielder.


Jack of All Trades

The other positions that we have discussed in this series of articles have all had a distinct role within the game. Sure, you might stray out of your area on occasion if the situation warrants it, but you normally know where you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to act. If you’re in midfield, all of that goes out the window.
With the 6-a-side pitch being so much shorter than an Association Football pitch, you are expected to play whatever role is best suited to the play of the ball. If your team is in control of the ball, you should be ready to take a shot on goal or accept a pass from the attacker. If the other team has taken charge, be prepared to drop back and block their shot!


No chance of a rest

6-a-side football is already more energetic and frenetic than regular football, but even more so for whoever is in midfield. For all the reasons listed above, you need to be ready to handle the ball at a moment’s notice and get into the position that will best benefit the rest of your team.
Good cardio and fast footwork are essential if you want to pull off this important role.


Be aware of your surroundings

Perhaps more important than your physical speed as a midfielder is your mental speed. To excel in the role, you need to be hyper-aware, not just of your position but of the position of everyone else on the pitch in relation to one another and the ball.
This is a crucial skill to develop, as you need to anticipate where the ball and the other players will be next so you can slip into the best position to take advantage. By the time you see the ball headed your way, it’s probably too late to adjust.


Keep the team informed

As a midfielder, you’re in a unique position to take in the whole of the pitch when you want, but don’t feel like you have to hoard that information. Let your teammates know the lay of the land and help set them up with the ball when it’s headed their way. Keep your instructions clear and concise for maximum impact.


Mirror Your Opponent

If the opposing team is running a formation with a midfielder, pay special attention to them since they should be following similar tactics to those listed here. If they pull into an open area of the pitch, it’s likely they’re expecting to receive a pass from their team, for instance. We’re not saying you should mark their midfield player exclusively, but rather that you should use their position as a gauge to plan what your next move will be.
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