6-a-side Football Leagues on the Wirral

6-a-side football is one of the fastest-growing sports activities in the country, and the Wirral is no exception. If you want to be part of the sport at a local level and can rustle up five friends or co-workers to form a team, then you have come to the right place. At Soccer Gods, we run 6-a-side football leagues across the country, including two on the Wirral itself, and we’re always looking for new teams to get involved with us.

Why Choose 6-a-side Football?

6-a-side football is a great sport for anybody who loves the beautiful game and wants to take part in a fun and fast-moving activity with friends. It’s a fantastic form of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, one that will give you a great cardio workout over the 40 minutes of the match.

Aside from getting you healthy (and keeping you that way), 6-a-side football is a great opportunity to connect with your friends. You learn to communicate and work as a team, encourage one another before, during, and after each match, and get to celebrate one another’s achievements on the pitch.

Why Choose Soccer Gods?

Of course, you can get all of that in a kickaround at the park. If you want to take things to the next level, Soccer Gods is here to help. We run and administer successful 6-a-side leagues on the Wirral at our venues in Bebington and Pensby. We handle all of the admin and logistics for the games, including setting dates and times, arranging tournaments, keeping score, and enforcing the league rules.
We provide a place for you to play, with a realistic 3G astroturf surface and facilities for getting changed before and after a match. We bring along all the equipment, including the all-important football and football boots (if you need them, of course). We supply professional referees with years of experience in the game, and we even have a pool of solo players to choose from if you find yourself a man short.
Perhaps most important of all, we make sure each venue is a fun and friendly place to play. We have no time for troublemakers, and we will intervene immediately with any players or fans looking to cause problems.

Our 6-a-side football leagues on the Wirral

We currently run leagues at two venues on the Wirral: Bebington High School and Pensby Sports Complex. Both venues benefit from high-quality 6-a-side football pitches that allow you to get a good turn of speed, as well as free parking while you’re at the game. Each venue hosts multiple leads, so you should have no problem finding one that suits you and your team. For more detailed information, click on the links below.

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