Why Start a 6-a-side Football Team in 2024?

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As 2023 winds down, many of us start looking towards 2024 and making plans for the next 12 months. Maybe you’re planning to give up one of your vices, spend more time with kids, or start that business you’ve always dreamed of doing. Here at Soccer Gods, we can’t help you with any of that, but if your New Year’s Resolution is to take up a new pastime, get healthier, or improve your mental well-being, we have you covered.

6-a-side football is a great sport to get involved in in the new year, offering all kinds of health and social advantages that can really benefit your life. In this article, we’re going to look at five reasons to start a 6-a-side football team and what it could mean for you.


Improve Your Physical Health

This is probably the main reason most players take up 6-a-side football. It’s a fast-paced game that requires good cardio, stamina, and aerobic strength. Even if you’re not in great shape when you start a team, you should start to see improvements after only a few games if you commit yourself properly to the sport.


Improve Your Mental Health

6-a-side football doesn’t just provide physical benefits; it can greatly improve your mental well-being too. First of all, regular exercise releases specialised neurotransmitters called endorphins into the brain. These endorphins change your brain chemistry to make you feel happier during and immediately following play. On a more long-term basis, 6-a-side football can provide a release for your day-to-day stress and anxiety, and it can improve your confidence as you develop new skills and interact with others.


Learn New Skills

Speaking of learning new skills, there’s more to 6-a-side than just having a kick around with your mates. When you join a league, you’ll want your team to be the best it can be so that you can rise up through the ranks. Many teams arrange training sessions outside of league matches to improve their footballing prowess. It’s a great feeling to be able to see your progress as a player, and something you can be proud of.


Build Stronger Friendships

Your team can be made up of friends, family members, or work colleagues—anyone, in fact—so long as you can rely on them to turn up to training and matches. As you play together, you learn to communicate better with them both on and off the pitch, forming a stronger bond the more you play. Of course, this is not restricted to matches. Most teams will meet up on non-league days to train as well as socialise with each other outside of the games.


Expand Your Social Circle

When you join a 6-a-side football league, you don’t just get to know your own team. There are dozens of other teams and hundreds of players that you will interact with as the year goes on. Granted, you probably won’t form as tight a bond with them as you will with your teammates, but meeting new people with a shared interest can be a great way to improve your confidence or to network.

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We hope we’ve convinced you to give 6-a-side football a chance in 2024. If you’ve got five friends that will form a team with you, contact Soccer Gods today to take the next step. Get in touch to register your interest in joining a local league.